LINE  Imaging Systems has designed products based on clinical demand for a wide range of applications in electronic image viewing, DICOM image capture, non-DICOM image acquisition, and DICOM storage and routing. Our products are continually being tailored and refined for our customers.

Simplicity and powerful functionality are at the heart of the LINE Imaging design philosophy. The intutitive screens and prominent menus, controls and cursors are elegantly designed for the easiest of access.

WinRad's overall application speed is the fastest in the industry. WinRad utilizes advanced operating system features to run several "threads" of execution at a time. And WinRad takes advantage of the extra power of multi-processor systems to deliver even more performance.

WinRad's advanced communications architecture supports several simultaneous connections using modems, ISDN, TCP/IP and DICOM. Image transmission speed is enhanced by data compression, including lossless, JPEG, or LINE's powerful wavelet technology. With WinRad's interactive peer-to-peer, dual-cursor consultative capability, you can point out the important findings to distant doctors or if you were there.

WinRad supports the DICOM standard extensively, and has validated with a wide range of equipment from all major modality manufacturers. WinRad uses film digitizers and video frame grabbers to acquire images such as angiograms the may be in a non-DICOM format.

Advanced engineering permits WinRad products to perform as singularly useful tools in the clinincal setting. Our products have been shaped jointly with our customers to meet demanding requirments in leading university medical centers, community hospitals, clinics, offices and homes around the world.

Let LINE  Imaging show y
ou how this combination of technological leadership and clinically-driven insight can create a system uniquely suited to your requirments.